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  1. I have very occasionally blogged about technical things here.

  2. I moved many of my photos to Flickr. I had a Pro account by virtue of being an AT&T/Yahoo DSL user. Then they decided to remove that perk. So here is my photostream, but not everything is there, alas.

  3. Tennis is currently my main hobby. My USTA “exploits” are here.

  4. The above photo is by my cousin, Pilar Baker.

  5. I wrote some very crude JSP/servlet apps to figure out if there were enough players for a game of indoor soccer or ultimate frisbee. I don’t think they are in use any more, but they were surprisingly popular given their simplicity -- they are better than sending a bunch of emails.

  6. My father’s tale of surviving his Japanese POW ship, the Arisan Maru, being sunk by a US submarine, as well as other information about him.

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